Ingredients for 10 people:

Champagne Rosé Vrai mousse :

90g Rosé Champagne Vrai

50g egg yolk

45g sugar

110g white chocolate

150g whipped cream

3g gelatine

Champagne Rosé Vrai Emulsion :

150g Champagne Rosé Vrai

150g liquid cream

40g sugar

Champagne Rosé Vrai custard :

250g milk

250g pink champagne

100g egg yolk

50g sugar

Strawberry Topping

Macaroon :

135g almond powder

135g icing sugar

55g egg white

145g sugar

30g water

55g egg white


Champagne Rosé Vrai strawberry sorbet :

200g Champagne Rosé Vrai

50g sugar

200g fresh strawberries

Champagne Rosé Vrai strawberry jelly :

150g strawberry coulis

200g fresh strawberries in small cubes

100g Champagne Rosé Vrai

50g sugar

8g gelatine

4g agaragar

Strawberry sponge cake

250g egg white

150g almond powder

175g sugar

50g flour

250g strawberry puree

The recipe step by step :

– For the champagne mousse, whisk the eggs with the champagne and sugar, on the heat, to make a sabayon. Do not boil. Add the gelatine which has been softened in cold water. Stir in the melted white chocolate. Fold in the whipped cream. Set aside in the fridge.

– For the champagne emulsion, mix all the ingredients and place in a siphon. Set aside in the fridge.

– For the custard, boil the milk and champagne and pour over the egg yolk/sugar mixture. Mix well and then cook until smooth. Set aside to cool.

– For the macaroons, sift the icing sugar and almond powder, while you whisk the egg whites with the sugar. Gently mix the two together. Place in the oven and bake for 12 minutes at 150°. Set aside in an airtight tin.

– For the champagne sorbet, boil the sugar, the champagne and the strawberries. Blend. Place in a pacojet bowl or an ice cream maker. Set aside in the freezer.

– For the strawberry jelly and pink champagne, boil the strawberry coulis with the agaragar, then add the other ingredients. Pour onto a small tray and leave to set in the fridge. Cover with cling film and set aside

– For the sponge cake, mix all the ingredients in a mixer. Strain through a cheesecloth, then pour into a siphon. Gas twice. Then siphon into a plastic beaker until it is ¾ full. Cook for 1min in the microwave. Remove from the beaker and set aside at room temperature.

Chef : Julien Lassere
Restaurant le Val Morêt
Cuvée : Rosé Vrai

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