Ingredients ( for 4 )

1 cauliflower

4 beetroots

200g of rose water

60g of red cabbage juice

60g of tapioca flour

80g of razor shells


Razor shells cooked in white wine

The razor shells are soaked for 2 hours in very salty water to release impurities.

Cook two onions and parsley in olive oil, add the razor shells, stir and deglaze with white wine.

Cover  and cook for 4 minutes.

Pink cauliflower puree.

Cut a cauliflower and put the tips to one side. Cook in milk and water which is cold to begin. Then blend while adding the rose water. Season.

Red cabbage crisps

Heat the red cabbage juice with the flour until it thickens. Spread on greaseproof paper and cook in a steam oven for 3 minutes at 100°. Dry for one whole day and fry at 180°.

Moon-shaped pink beetroot

Cut the beetroot into fine, moon-shaped slices with a pastry cutter. Place them in a pot, add the rose liqueur and steep for 24 hours.


Arrange the tips of the cauliflower at the bottom of the plate then the puree and the beetroot moons. Finish by placing the red cabbage crisps and the razor shells.

Chef : Julien Drapier
Auberge de Sainte Maure
Cuvée : Cuvée Evidence

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