The GELIN family has been in business since 1920. Pierre GELIN, drawn by its passion of wine, has developped a business that became an institution in the region.. Today, he’s transmitting his passion to his daughter. Something we know about…

What’s your background ? How did you get in the wine industry ?

It’s a long story that is 100 years old! It is a very rich story made of twists, successes & dire straits. The house GELIN P&A has gone throught many reajustements but has had the love of wine since 4 generations. We try to give the best quality to our clients. It’s part of our mindset.

What has been the most memorable wine you tasted ?

A Listrac-Médoc I age myself. A pure delight!

What is your favourite Champagne Gremillet cuvée?

Blanc des Blancs

Which [national dish] would you pair it with ?

Shrimp croquettes

In 3 words, how would you describe your countrymen/women ?

Knowledgeables, interested & audacious

In 3 words how would you describe the French ?

Conservative, gourmet & generous

A typical  word you can teach us in [national language or local slang if English]

« Non peut-être » (literally « No maybe ») it means « Yes »!

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