Niklas is importing Champagne Gremillet in Sweden to sell it to the Systembolaget, the state monopoly.
Former chef in some of most distinguish Stockholm restaurants, he’s an enthusiastic & entretaining man.
He told us about Swedish culture and what «lagom » means.

What’s your background ? How did you get in the wine industry ?
Started as a chef and cooked for some 15 years ending up at one of the best restaurants in Sweden at that timing. Moved on to be a sales rep at a wine distributor for the HORECA-sector, 2017 starting up my own business with my colleague – Urban Wines.

What has been the most memorable wine you tasted ?
To me the surrounding atmosphere and friends is more important than the actual wine to be really honest. Anyhow to mention one memorable wine it will be when I had a glass of Sercial Madeira vintage 1895 in Funchal/Madeira with my loved one, next to the ocean with some great food and a smashing sun set. The year was 2005, the producer of the bottle ? Sorry don’t remember…

What is your favourite Champagne Gremillet cuvée?
I am impressed of the style and quality over all but the organic Gremillet Cuvée Prestige would be my first choice.

Which Swedish dish would you pair it with ?
A nice butter fried sour dough bread topped with loads of bleak roe from the north of the Baltic sea, some sour cream and a slice of lemon. Easy and damn nice matching for this cuvée.

In 3 words, how would you describe your countrymen/women ?
Reliable, shy & on time (the mid part does not describe me very well…)

In 3 words how would you describe the French ?
Straight on, passionate & not on time.

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