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BRUT – Gold & Red 

Pinot Noir celebration

Pinot Noir Celebration
Adorned in gold or red, this will look stunning on your festive tables. It is the signature cuvée of our House, homage paid to Pinot Noir, in which our House is firmly rooted.


BRUT – Gold & Red 

Pinot Noir celebration

The pinot noir in celebration, it starts in gold or red for your prettiest tables!

The house’s signature vintage, a true tribute to Pinot Noir, from which the house draws its roots.


Pinot Noir

To Observe

A pretty pal golden yellow in color rippling with fine, persistent bubbles. Bright, luminous and limpid.

To breath

The nose evokes happiness – a lively alliance of deliciousfloral and fruity notes, of acacia, hawthorn, peach, pear and apricot

To appreciate

The taste is pleasant and refreeshing with a nice balance of acidity and maturity. The same fruit components ans deliciousness of the nose are found again on the palate, with toasted and spiced notes.